Seaservice Shipping Company has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Crew Manning

Crew recruitment and management

Licenses and certificates

Human relationships

Planning, Training courses, Payment to sea staff, Travels

Commercial Operator and Budget reports 

Ship Repairs, Spares, Technical Services


Our services include, but they are not limited to:

We are skilled in providing all professional and experienced seamen all in compliance with STCW 95 / MLC requirements, for many kind of vessel as Tankers, Crude Oils, Chemical, LNG-LPG Dry Cargo, Containers, Grain, Oil Rigs etc..

Crewing operation are carried out throughout our linked offices in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and India.

We are ready and organized to manage vessel(s) from one seamen to a full complement, providing the best of our services.

We are organized with a web service (protected area), only for our customers, where they are allowed to view all crew list, crew's documents, documents expiring checks etc.

- Planning, Training courses, Payment to sea staff, Travels,
- Human relationships
- Licenses and certificates
- Budget reports
- Airfare quotation 



The Highest Quality Crew

We provide our customers with high quality crew, in conformity with STCW95, which means we invest heavily in training and career development for our seagoing staff.

Please download our application form, fill in all the information required, and forward to our crew department to the following e-mail address fax-number:
+41 91 9761365



Ph. +41 91 976 1360 pbx
Fax +41 91 976 1365

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